Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Snowmen Through Time

Snowmen Through Time (a wall quilt) is the first of  6 monthly promises to finish 6 UFO’s.  All that was needed for Snowmen was a label and a sleeve.  

In the year 2000, I started Snowmen and actually finished it.  But I’ve been told a quilt isn’t finished until it has a label....attached.  I made a label years ago.  Never attached it.  Really. After an hours search of boxes of UFO’s,  I found the label.  But with years in between, it wasn’t what I wanted.  So I made another..and attached it this time.

This label is a pocket and in the pocket is my poem which can be folded to fit in the space.  The label and the poem were created on my computer and printed with an inkjet printer on fabric backed with freezer paper then heat set with a hot iron.   The label was then appliquéd to the back of the quilt.  

The entire process (label, poem, and sleeve) took me less than half a day including the hour spent looking for the label I never used.

Snowmen is hand embroidered, hand appliquéd, and hand quilted.  The pattern is by Millie Kelso.  

Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Mini Sixteen is my miniaturized interpretation of Edyta Sitar’s “Sweet Sixteen....an appliqué quilt pattern of  sixteen, 16” blocks.   My MINI SIXTEEN  has reduced each block to 6 inches. While the original quilt is 76“ x 76“, my quilt is 29“ x 29“.

All of the appliqué in this quilt is made from batik scraps from my stash, rescued from my friends’ waste baskets, and from dumpster diving at quilt retreats.  Every piece of fabric in this quilt is a memory.  Thank you quilting buddies for handing me your scraps. Hugs to you all. ❤️🤗

 Mini Sixteen Scrap was started in 2010 and finished on September 22, 2018.