Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Hand Painted, Hand Quilted Mug Rug

I recently got into a Mug Rug Swap for Fall.
The theme was leaves.  For my exchange, I drew leaves
and hand painted.  The back ground looks yellow in
this photo but is really a beige.  I enjoyed using this
technique of painting on fabric because it allowed me to do what I love best (Hand Quilting) quickly and without any seams in the way.  This was my first attempt of painting on fabric.  I will do this again.  
Back of Mug Rug showing the Hand Quilting

This is the back.

This next mug rug is from my swap mate at the Missouri Star Quilt Forum Group.  Jane did a beautiful job.  She claims to be a new quilter but I see some real sewing experience in here.  Her machine quilting is excellent.  Froggie likes it too and insisted on getting in on the pictures.
Mug Rug from Jane.  My swap mate.

Back of the Mug Rug from Jane