Sunday, May 17, 2015

Moving But Quilting Continues

I've been walking around my property today looking at all the plants and taking a few pictures. I live in NW Ohio.  We are moving to Florida. The house is sold.  I've lived in Ohio since 1968 and lived in this home for close to 28 years. Before that I lived in Chautauqua County in upstate NY.  I love the North.

It will be a hard move.  I will miss the Azalea with it's magnificent bright orange/yellow blooms. It was here when I moved into my home.  So was the Lilac.  My Sage comes up every year.  I planted it many years ago.  A good friend gave me the Iris Bulbs a few years back.  Thank you Kathy.   There's more.  I have peppermint that came from my grandmothers garden after she passed.  Our weeping pine was planted in 1991.  

Lilacs at the Back Fence
Weeping Pine


The move for me is so difficult.  I'm leaving behind so many friends and in my opinion a perfect climate.  I will miss all of this. But no matter where I live there will always be my quilting. And no matter where I live, there will always be quilters to share with.

Patchwork Pig
One positive aspect of moving is the de-cluttering. A few days ago, we brought boxes down from the attic. And look what I found!  My Patchwork Pig.  I made this quilty pig in the late 80's when I got into ceramics....even then quilting was in my blood. And so my quilt life continues.  From Ceramics to machine work to hand work.

   My two latest finished projects are small. Both hand pieced and hand quilted.

Miniature Patchwork of the Crosses in Red and White
Hexagon Table Topper
Hand piecing is a joy with the help of Inklingo.
I used 1/2 inch 90 degree hexagons for the mini POTC and one inch 60 degree hexagons for the Table Topper.


I continue to work on my Dear Jane
and Dutch Treat.

Dutch Treat Reverse Applique

And...I have a number of tops that I want to hand quilt.  As soon as my Roxanne Thimble comes to me from my exchange I will begin.

By the way, did you know you can exchange sizes for free?!! I purchased a Solid Sterling Silver--I'm allergic to other metals- -Roxanne Thimble 15 years ago.  It's now too big.  I mailed my thimble to the supplier last week.  They have received it...I tracked it and insured it.   I hope to get my smaller size Roxanne soon so I can begin my hand quilting again.

More to come.