Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Unfinished Projects

I haven't checked in for a while but I have been finishing up some UFO or CEO's (Completely Executed Objects - as the local quilt shop owner tags it).  It looks like my membership in the CEO club at Tomorrows Treasures in Ocala will be going on for years. 😏 I have that many.  The rules:  There is only one, one predetermined  UFO  must be completely finished in the one months time until the next meeting and that includes a label.  So far so good.  The CEO club goes for 6 months.  So each year, I'm to finish 12 UFO's.

January 2017 - Miniature Texas Star.  I started this quilt in January 2014 and finished in January 2017. Progress on this quilt can be seen on my previous blog. I started out naming it Texas Star Fish because of the fish fabric🐠🐠 used to make the Texas Star but ended up naming it Miniature Texas Star.  This wall quilt was hand pieced using Inklingo Shape Collections and hand quilted. 

Texas Star Fish Front

Texas Star Fish Back
February 2017 - Hearts at Storm:  The top was finished in the year 2000 using the paper piecing method and the storm at sea pattern.  It is machine pieced and machine quilted on my HQ Sweet 16 with free motion hearts.  It was finished in February 2017, but the label didn't get printed until March.  I like to make my own labels and thinking through and creating a label took me longer to do than the machine quilting.😉

Hearts at Storm

Hearts at Storm Back
March 2017 - Tumbling Stars.  I started this quilt in March of 2014 and finished in March of 2017 including the label.  Using Inklingo Shape Collections and moving the patches around on my design wall, I finally came up with a pattern I liked. 😊 This quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Tumbling Stars

Tumbling Stars Back with Label
Well that's it for now.  I have more projects from last year and I'll fit them in a blog soon,  In the meantime I'll update as I move through the projects for this year. 

April 2017 - Coming up my next UFO is an Elsie Vredenburg pattern (Big Red) that I put together is the late 90's.  Elsie used paper piecing, but I found applique to be easier.   It now needs a border and quilting.  I haven't decided for sure but I'll probable machine quilt on my HQ Sweet 16.

Until next time