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I live on Toledo Ohio with my husband and three fur babies. The dogs are a joy to have around - always under foot and always keeping me company.

From childhood, I've enjoyed various arts and crafts.  I knit, crochet, whittle, and hand embroider. I've worked with clay, painted in oils and acrylics and I sew.  I also love to make my own soap.  All of these have been my hobby at one time or another. But quilting, quilting is not a hobby.  Quilting defines who I am.  Every other thing that I do, is a  little tangent that takes me temporarily away from quilting. So mostly I will blog about quilting.

I worked as a lawyer for over 30 years and for those years, law defined me.  I was a lawyer who quilted. ( Now I'm a quilter who knows the law.)  In spite of the long hours I put in as a lawyer,  I made time to enjoy quilting and the company of other quilters.  I joined a number of quilter's groups and started one of my own for quilters who enjoyed hand applique. We are still together.  Our group has met monthly since January of 1999.

I'm retired now and have more time to put into quilting.  Recently, I've started a group for those quilters who like hand piecing.  I hope to see this group grow and stay.  We quilters who work by hand are way less numerous than those who work by machine.  

When I first began to quilt, I did everything by machine.  Because of my history in sewing, quilting with my sewing machine came more natural to me.  I was self taught and bought books to show me how.  As I progressed I discovered I didn't really care for using my machine for creating my quilt tops.  I turned away from piecing and moved more to hand applique.  I loved applique and created many a quilt using this method.  I  would still dabble in machine piecing but never really enjoyed it.

My quilts were all machine quilted at first. Well really, I didn't care for this either.  Then I discovered hand quilting.  Being self taught, I picked up some books on hand quilting and within 2 or 3 days I taught myself how and loved it.  I've been hand quilting most of my quilts ever since. 

One of my early quilts.  A wall quilt.
Hand appliqued. Hand quilted.

I can't remember when I began hand piecing.  I sort of realized one day that although I didn't enjoy piecing at the machine, I might enjoy hand piecing...so I tried it and loved it.  I started to read as much as I could about it.  One day I watched a video by Linda Franz.  She was so calm and looked like she was enjoying the process within such  peaceful setting.  Linda at this time, had not yet started Inklingo.  Time passed and I did a lot of hand piecing, but I still did most of my tops by machine.

My hand piecing moved to my primary method of piecing when I started to use Linda's  Inklingo.  If you enjoy hand piecing, I encourage you to go to Linda's website and try it. It's easy to use and makes hand piecing a joy.

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  1. I have made only a few quilts and hope to make more. The first quilt I ever made was a Lone Star wall hanging. It was machine pieced but hand quilted. My favorite part of making that quilt was the hand quilting because I could actually feel it becoming a quilt. Since then I have made a couple of large quilts which were machine pieced and I am working on a queen sized quilt now that will probably be machine quilted as well, but I have made myself a promise that I will make some wall hangings this year that I can hand quilt for the joy of feeling it becoming a quilt. Your quilts are stunning, and even more so by the fact that you hand piece AND quilt!


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