Thursday, March 5, 2015



The first two borders are stitched on my version of Celtic Solstice.  I'm still in Florida and don't have the fabric for the third and last border and here's why.  I packed my fabric away and shipped it to Ohio thinking I had already cut the last border, but no.  So my fabric and other projects are now on their way north.   I'll have to finish this when I get home.  I'll be leaving Florida next Wednesday so not too long to wait to finish up.  In the mean time, I've run out of projects.  What to do.  Well I brought my laptop and have EQ7 loaded on it so I think I'll play with designs in my free time.

By the way, Pooks misses me.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Works in Progress

I finished  hand quilting the Rose of Sharon and did the binding completely by hand.  So OK, not that easy. Usually I machine my binding on and hand sew it on to the back.  Still need to give it a label.

In the mean time, I continue on with Celtic Solstice.

Three of the pieced borders are done.  Working on number 4.  All hand pieced.