Tuesday, September 25, 2018



Mini Sixteen is my miniaturized interpretation of Edyta Sitar’s “Sweet Sixteen....an appliqué quilt pattern of  sixteen, 16” blocks.   My MINI SIXTEEN  has reduced each block to 6 inches. While the original quilt is 76“ x 76“, my quilt is 29“ x 29“.

All of the appliqué in this quilt is made from batik scraps from my stash, rescued from my friends’ waste baskets, and from dumpster diving at quilt retreats.  Every piece of fabric in this quilt is a memory.  Thank you quilting buddies for handing me your scraps. Hugs to you all. ❤️🤗

 Mini Sixteen Scrap was started in 2010 and finished on September 22, 2018.


  1. Hello Sandy, I always enjoy your quilting and especially your applique. I love this little quilt, it's beautiful, well done. I sometimes have a browse round to read all posts, I read that you use stamps, it's a shame no-one sells these in England as I love to sew small pieces of fabric. Best wishes Kath

    1. Hi Kath. Thank you. I use Inklingo to piece most my quilts. When my fabric bits are just too small to put through a printer, then I’ll use the stamps. (I hate wasting fabric.) Some of Inklingo shape collections contain very small pieces. My Patchwork of the Crosses used 1/2 inch shapes.

  2. Hi, Sandy - that is an extremely impressive little quilt with the 6" blocks! Gorgeous!!

  3. This shows you posted in October. It just got to my email?. Thank you Cathi although a bit late.


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