Friday, January 24, 2014

January Block from Fun Friendly Projects

This block is from Quilter's Cache...called Friends Star.  The instructions were difficult so I recreated it in EQ7, made templates, cut pieces, and hand pieced it.  It was a fun break from hand piecing Celtic Soltice.  This is for a group on MSQC  ...Fun Friendly Projects...we are doing a star block each month.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mug Rugs

Mug Rug made with hand painted cardinals and Inklingo 

I'm a member of a quilter's forum. Over Christmas, I made this Mug Rug for my swap mate.  She loves cardinals.  The cardinals are hand painted.  I hand pieced the star using Inklingo-diamond-triangle-square- collection.   The star is made from left over pieces from the Carpenters Wheel top I made from the same collection.  

I recommend making Mug Rugs to all quilters.  For me,  it's a short project so it keeps my attention long enough to finish without being pulled in another quilt direction.  They allow me to practice my skills. With this project, I practiced fabric drawing and painting, hand quilting, quilt binding, and hand piecing with InkLingo.  I do so love to hand piece and have been piecing by hand forever, but Inklingo adds a new dimension to the process and opens up all these possibilities.  

I intend to make more Mug Rugs using the various Inklingo collections. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Dimensional Appliqué

This weekend, I participated in a quilter's retreat at  Our Lady of The Pines in Fremont Ohio.  We had  all day Friday, Saturday, and most of Sunday to quilt.  I worked on finishing several UFO's.   These dimensional blocks were in my projects to finish.  

One of my friends was giving away strings of blue fabric.   Just loving the idea of making do, I stitched the strings together, then cut 2 inch wide strips.   I'm using these strips as sashing.   More to come as I finish this piece.
Strips sewn together
Sashing cut into 2 inch strips and added

Quilters busy creating

Monday, January 6, 2014

Progress - Hand Piecing Celtic Solstice

My desk top is at the shop getting an increase in size. Seems my C drive was too small to do all the projects I needed.  It's supposed to be done today but we are at Level 3 so nothing is moving.  I have had lots of time to sit and sew.

Photo's from my back door taken with my IPad.

While I'm shut in,  I'm working on Bonnie Hunters Mystery using Linda Franz' Inklingo.  Just loving it. I've opted for colors in blues and neutrals.   These colors are fitting in perfectly with the colors of winter.

I worked on Clue 3 while visiting family in Florida.   So put together
but noticed I reversed a few.
Hm wonder if I can use as is.  Maybe.

Still working on clue 1.

Have finished up most of my dark blues and grays today?  Will now move on to dark blues and creams.

Without my desktop, I can't print out more sections... So I'll work on what I have already printed.  If I can get out tomorrow, will pick up my beefed up computer and begin printing more sections.  I've yet to print clue 4 or 5.

Even though I'm hand piecing, I've been doing these in a string piece fashion. I string piece one side of the triangle till out of thread. Then cut units apart and string piece the other side.  Seems to go faster.