Monday, January 6, 2014

Progress - Hand Piecing Celtic Solstice

My desk top is at the shop getting an increase in size. Seems my C drive was too small to do all the projects I needed.  It's supposed to be done today but we are at Level 3 so nothing is moving.  I have had lots of time to sit and sew.

Photo's from my back door taken with my IPad.

While I'm shut in,  I'm working on Bonnie Hunters Mystery using Linda Franz' Inklingo.  Just loving it. I've opted for colors in blues and neutrals.   These colors are fitting in perfectly with the colors of winter.

I worked on Clue 3 while visiting family in Florida.   So put together
but noticed I reversed a few.
Hm wonder if I can use as is.  Maybe.

Still working on clue 1.

Have finished up most of my dark blues and grays today?  Will now move on to dark blues and creams.

Without my desktop, I can't print out more sections... So I'll work on what I have already printed.  If I can get out tomorrow, will pick up my beefed up computer and begin printing more sections.  I've yet to print clue 4 or 5.

Even though I'm hand piecing, I've been doing these in a string piece fashion. I string piece one side of the triangle till out of thread. Then cut units apart and string piece the other side.  Seems to go faster.


  1. This winter is really quite something, isn't it?
    Wait until you start putting up the units from Clue 5 together following the method Linda showed - they're great fun to hand piece!

    1. Really Cathi, a very scary cold snap. We remain at level 3, so no desktop for me to print more. I'm really looking forward to joining the pieces.


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