Saturday, November 16, 2013


For several months now, I have been immersed in hand piecing with Inklingo .  I started out with several free programs from Inklingo.  I'm currently using Inklingo's Diamond's, Triangles, and Squares to make a small quilt with 20 Carpenter Wheel Blocks.  I'm learning as I go and it's been so much fun and so relaxing.  I recommend this to everyone.  I've also purchase Shape Collection No. 3,  60 Degree Diamonds and 60 Degree Hexagons.  After I'm finished with the Carpenter's Wheel, I'll continue on with other shapes.  I'm very taken with Hexagons, so I'm moving onto that next. 

Below are pictures of what I've accomplished so far.  All of the blocks have been made with my fabric stash.  Still not wanting to purchase new fabric.

Violet Star Center
Blue Star Center

Block on my design wall
 In between my hand piecing, I've been working on other items with my fabric stash.   Fabric Boxes.  Lots of fun there too. 


  1. Love these colors! Love the star too. I haven't tried inklingo yet but it's on my list to try. I have some free shapes downloaded just haven't printed them out yet. Glad to have found you, actually due to inklingo.

  2. Amy, looking forward to seeing your progress. Once you start, the process is so enjoyable.


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