Sunday, December 21, 2014

My Celtic Solstice

My pick of color way in the center

Last year in November, I began Celtic Solstice, a mystery quilt created by Bonnie Hunter.  Linda Franz - Inklingo - hooked up with Bonnie Hunter and created a Celtic Solstice Shape Collection.  Bonnie Hunter had a color way picked.  Linda choose another, and I had so many scraps of blue, I chose a blue color way with neutrals of light gray and cream.  Using Inklingo, I printed out my pieces.

I put the clues together...there were 5 of them and then the reveal....clue 6. Inklingo made the process a pleasure.  I must admit I took my time.  I kept getting distracted by other quilt projects.  I'm hand piecing so I took it up as the mood struck me.  I mostly stitched the pieces while I watched a TV program, or when I gathered with quilt friends.  Sometimes I sat and stitched and thought about this and that.

The thing about hand piecing is that you can do that.  You're not sitting in front of a sewing machine in your sewing room.  (Although sometimes that can be fun too.)  You can hand piece anywhere.  So time with this project was like no time at all, because while I put this quilt top together,  I was always doing something else.

Clue One  String Piecing
The photo above shows one of my string pieced sets on my lap desk.  As I finished my clues, I put the sets into zip lock bags.

Clue One Pieced and stored into zip lock bags 
Clue Three
I continued on with all the clues and then began to put all the blocks together.

I've now hand pieced all the blocks and I'm assembling the quilt top.  My plan is to put blocks together in 4 block sections, then piece these sections together for the quilt center. 

Four Block Section
When I looked at the sets as I was assembling them, I thought they were kind of dull looking but now that I've put some of the blocks together, I think it sort of sparkles. Sometimes, using your scraps works out.   Maybe this quilt will look good.  I'll wait and see.  Not too long before the entire quilt top is assembled.   I'm not very good at finishing quilts of this size.  (75" x 75")   My quilt buddies think I should hand quilt it.   Let's face it.  This may take a while

As I said,  I get distracted.  Smiley


  1. I think the quilt is going to be spectacular! Personally, I think that sometimes scrappy can be so chaotic that we lose sight of the block pattern. I call what you chose to do a "controlled scrappy" and I think it really showcases the design while not being too boring. IOW, perfect! I can't wait to see it all together.

  2. Wow your finished quilt will be stunning. I enjoyed using the Inklingo collection for this project. It works so well for my hand piecing projects.

  3. It is not going to be boring at all - it's going to be very very striking. A lovely sophisticated palette that is going to definitely have some sparkle to it!
    Seeing this makes me want to go back to piecing it! The box with all the pieces is sitting right here in front of me. You may have just got me focused on that for a bit, :-). Because I too am very easily distracted.


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