Tuesday, July 30, 2013



In 1996, I took a class at the Quilt Foundry in Maumee Ohio.  The class was applique.    The instructor was Jeanne Carmichael.  The class went on for 6 weeks.  Each week we were given 2 patterns for a Santa. I was just starting to applique and this was very difficult for me.  I made my first Santa and then stopped, going on to other things.  I still have Jeanne's patterns.  I went to all of the classes and picked up all the information that I could. Now with time behind me and 17 years of experience working in applique, I plan to finish these blocks.  All by hand.  This is the first one I did in 1996. It is dimensional.  The coat opens and flaps.  The beard is made of cotton batting.  The mittens and the rim of the hat are knitted.  The photo may not show it, but I made my novice mistakes.  As I prepare my 2nd block with the perspective of time, it is a much simpler task for me.   

Jeanne Carmichael passed away some years ago. Jeanne was not a quilter.  She never made this quilt herself.  She was an artist.  Other people made her art into a quilt.  This is the type of applique I love.  Not decorative but telling a story.  Now it's my time to make this quilt.  And perhaps Jeanne will be sitting beside me cheering me on.


  1. I love this! I collect old world Santas, although I only have a few as I am unable to spend much on them. However, it just occured to me how much I'd love to make these applique quilts! Can I get more infomation about where to find the patterns? I did Google Jeanne Carmichel quilt Santa appliques, but did find anything out about the patterns. Thank for you help!

  2. Linda, I answered you on the Quilting Board. Jeanne passed away some years ago and after researching copyright law, copyright stands for 70 years after death. I have no idea how to reach family to get permission to give away her patterns. I purchased these with a class I took 17-18 years ago. I also googled her but could not find anything.


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