Sunday, February 2, 2014

Churn Dash

This block has many names.  You might also see it as Monkey Wrench, Dragon's Head, Fisherman's Reel, Hole in the Barn Door, Indian Hammer, Lincoln's Platform, Quail's Nest, Sherman's March, and Wrench.  ...and there are probably more.

The Prairie Women's Sewing Circle meets once a month at Quilt Heaven.  I'm part of this sewing circle. This is my interpretation of one of the projects we are doing.  I'm all about hand piecing and using Inklingo  allows me to make these small blocks with ease.  With the awful weather we are having it's so relaxing, sitting in my chair in front of the fire with the dogs all around taking my stitches, seeing this mini quilt come to life.

My progress so far.  The blocks are 3 inch finished.  --- Using Inklingo's Log Cabin .5, and Half Square Triangles 00B), I'm hand piecing.   The quilt is made with 1/4" sashing across (between columns and 1/2" sashing down (between rows). Still need to add one more border and embroider little flowers in each block.

The blocks.  
Joined into rows 3 across.  Two rows sewn together.
Rows all sewn together. One more border needed.
Border added


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