Friday, March 14, 2014

Pieced Hexagons - continuing with pinks and orange

Diamonds Cut and Stacked
I cut and prepared my pink and orange blocks today.  I like chain piecing these blocks.  I find it goes faster (or seems to). I was busy doing this and that this morning so didn't start till mid afternoon.  I managed to finish piecing all my pink blocks and put them on the design wall.

Chain pieced (by hand) dark and medium

Light pieced to medium and dark.  Finger pressed

Design Wall

I've started on the next color way - orange.  All of these pieces are from my stash so I get to use only what I have.  Here is the orange chosen.  Tomorrow I'll finish this color way and move on to another..what will it be?

Piecing the Orange Hexegons


  1. Thank you so much....I couldn't imagine, and you make it look easy!

  2. Love the picture of progress! Thanks for posting the pics. My husband has always liked this pattern. Now, maybe with Inklingo, I'll try it!

  3. What an awesome quilt! This is such a cool design. Is there any chance you'll be putting up a full tutorial?


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