Saturday, June 7, 2014


Texas Star Fish

After much trial and error, I have finished up the the edging on the Texas Starfish Table Topper.  I'm still going to put on some straight borders, but this is what I have so far.  I've been asked how this was made so I'm proceeding with a short explanation.  Please note--this is by no means absolutely correct and it's not a tutorial nor an organized pattern but simply something I came up with to make a nice linear border.  

Bottom of table topper

I used Inklingo for hand piecing and so all the pieces are made with Inklingo's Collections.  I've named each collection used, plus the size of freezer paper needed to come up with the correct number of pieces.

  • This started out with the Fish Fabric that has a 12 inch repeat.


  • Using Inlingo .05/1 inch Star Point collection ,  I printed out 6 carefully placed sheets measuring  7.5" x 11.75" with star point no. 1 in this collection.  This gave me enough for 35 stars.  I will use 32.  The extras can be turned into a nice mug rug some day. 


  •  To surround the stars plus extend for a squared rectangle top, I discovered I needed and so printed out 68 one inch hexagons in a light cream color. (4 sheets 7.25" x 13.5" and 1 sheet 5" x 11" gave me 68 hexagons); and thirty-two (32) .5 inch hexagons in a light cream or yellow (two sheets of 7" x 6" portrait using Hexagon A in the collection gave me 32).   

  • I also needed 16 two inch diamonds in light cream and 14 two inch diamonds in a darker cream.   These were pieced with  16 half 2" diamonds in light cream to make a linear top and bottom.  

  • To line the right and left side I used a combination of 1 inch diamonds, 1 inch triangles, (both in the 60 degree diamond 1 inch collection) and half 1" hexagons (included in the 1" hexagon collection).  

  • My build up for right and left sides required 18 half 1 " hexagons in cream (7.5" x 9" landscape) , 6 one inch 60 degree diamonds in the fish fabric (4.5" x 5.75 gave me 9), and 22 one inch triangles in a dark beige (7.5" x 6" portrait yields 24). The sides are using 8 of the 68 one inch hexagons already printed. 

Corners are built out
So this was fun.  I'll put more on as I finish up.  I want to add one or two beige borders and maybe a very small fish border and then hand quilt it.


  1. Replies
    1. Me too. It makes hand piecing a joy.

  2. This is turning out so beautifully! You're inspiring me to get back to work on my Texas Star quilt.

  3. It's beautiful. Inklingo makes it oh, so easy to create little masterpieces like this! Fantastic! Love the border treatment so far.

    1. Thank you, Cathi. This was fun to do.


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