Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Projects Continued

Texas Star Continues to Grow

Progress with Texas Star
Quarter sitting on a 1 inch half hexagon
I've continued with my little Texas Star project over the last few days...hand piecing and interrupted by life...garden, cleaning, organizing...stuff and in between the stuff, I've worked on this little quilt.  I think I'll make it into a table topper.  Inklingo continues to intrigue.  I put on a border.  I wanted it square so with hit and miss I think I have it.  Using my collection of diamonds, triangles, and hexagons I came up with what you see on the left.  My plan today is to finish the left side and top and bottom.  I'll be putting neutral diamonds in a deeper color top and bottom and then half diamonds all around.  I'm probably reinventing the wheel with these placements but it's keeping my mind busy figuring out the puzzle.  

To give perspective on size, that is a quarter in the corner.  With Orange Froggy supervising, I moved the quarter to sit near a one inch hexagon and one inch triangle.  The middle of the Texas Star is a  .5 inch hexagon.

Interrupted by my gardening

 I've planted herbs and tomatoes in pots on the patio. 

Thyme, Oregano, Basil
More Basil

Way too many Tomato plants
When I started with these tomatoes my plan was for just 2 plants, but then it just grew ...now I have 5.  What will I do with 5?
Dudley Supervising

I Think you should move the tomatoes

Dudley (The Pooks) always by my side  is there to help.

One of many roses.  I'll be using this photo for one of my applique projects.

Flower Pounding

I picked herbs and flowers and leaves from the garden and took to a Flower Pounding Class at one of the local quilt shops.  I think I'll border this and hand quilt.  Flowers were pounded on prepared for dying fabric that I had purchased some time ago.  I'll be doing this again.  Learned more about colors.  The red rose at the bottom of the photo came out a bright violet .  My sprig of rosemary, although very nice and fragrant as I pounded, came out brown.  The bright green leave at the bottom is a leaf from a hosta.  The petunia came out like the original color of bright purple.


  1. What is flower pounding? Whatever it is produced something beautiful!

    1. Karhy, there is a good explanation on the following site: http://www.pburch.net/dyeing/FAQ/flowerdye.shtml

  2. Your little kaleidoscope stars are fabulous! I love the effects you're getting with that fabric with a little fussy cutting/printing.
    The flower pounding is intriguing. Love the piece you made with it.

  3. Cathi,I use Inklingo to create the kaleidoscope. No fussy cutting. Thanks for comment. :)


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