Monday, February 23, 2015

Works in Progress

I finished  hand quilting the Rose of Sharon and did the binding completely by hand.  So OK, not that easy. Usually I machine my binding on and hand sew it on to the back.  Still need to give it a label.

In the mean time, I continue on with Celtic Solstice.

Three of the pieced borders are done.  Working on number 4.  All hand pieced.  


  1. I love tacking down the binding by hand on the back of quilts, but to do it entirely by hand? I'm impressed!
    Your Celtic Solstice borders are wonderful - that is going to be a very special quilt in your colourway.

  2. I love to hand quilt and hope to add hand piecing to my repertoire, but I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to sew down binding by hand (I do the tacking down on the back by hand ... but the sewing to the front by hand? yikes!). Your Rose of Sharon is gorgeous and I'll say it again, I'm going to LOVE your Celtic Solstice!

  3. Cathi and Kathy, I don't think there is a future in completely sewing the binding by hand. It was not fun.


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