Friday, November 20, 2015


I've been absent from my blog for a time.  I'm coming close to being organized.  It's been rough. Moving when you are my age is a long process.  And so much needs doing in this Florida home.  The sewing room/computer room is at least usable now.

Our new grandchild is expected in December and a quilt for the baby was requested some months back.   We know it's a girl.   I've been so busy with the new house and the parents estate that I could not take time to hand piece and hand quilt even a small baby quilt.  So I brushed up on my machine skills and came up with a nice little quilt for sweet baby girl soon to be born granddaughter.  Parents haven't given the darling a name yet.

A request was made a request for beige and pink.  I decided on 5 inch squares which I  was able to cut by pulling enough from my stash to make it interesting.  I used EQ7 to set out the design.  It's machine pieced...and it's a miracle...I got all those corner points to match.  Machine quilted with a walking foot in the ditch and then cross hatched.  All done.  Label done.  I like to come up with rhymes, so the little label poem is my own. Ready to send out.  I'm in Florida.  Baby is in Pennsylvania.  I enjoyed making the quilt.  This was super fast speed for me.

Baby's Quilt
Label Poem Sandra Lee White © 2015

The colors are much brighter than what shows in the iPhone photo....taken in the evening in a not-so-well lighted room.  It's on my design board.  Yes, I used flash.  Reminder to self....get better lighting in your sewing room.

And now on to a quilt made by hand.  My next sewing project.  I plan to hand quilt a quilt top made from Inkingo's Free Collection.  It's a hand pieced carpenters wheel.  My first Inklingo project.  I've been using it as the background for my blog.  The top was finished some time ago.  I think I'll put borders on it first.  Maybe a thin strip of color, then cream.  We'll see.  I miss hand quilting and haven't done much of it in the last 4 months. And the hand quilting will take a while.


  1. Yes, hand quilting takes a while. But oh, it will be so worth it! I love that Carpenter's Wheel quilt and can't wait to see your progress on it.

    1. Hi Kathy. Nice to hear from you. I love to hand quilt. It's so relaxing for me. I've put on the colored border on the carpenters wheel. I'm now working on the Cream border. It's taking a while because I am hand piecing the borders on.


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