Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tiny Scraps Continued

Finally, finally all my tiny scraps have found a purpose. All are stamped and cut.  Some are 1" squares and some were so small, I stamped them into 1 inch  half square triangles.

Picture 1:  half square triangle stamped and cut.          
Triangles:  I had a huge selection of half square triangles in colors and so this is where Inklingo came into play for me.  I already stamped and cut the half square triangles from my tiny scraps so now I needed neutral 1 inch half square triangles to go with them. I used the Inklingo Half Square Triangle 00B collection.

Picture 2:  Large selection of neutral pieces

Picture 3:  Neutral pieces used to prepare hst's

Picture 4: I did tons of these from my bigger scraps

I spent the last 3 days or more - haven't really kept tract - hand piecing the half square triangle colors together with my neutrals.  Today I laid them out to figure out what to do with them.  I'm leaning toward a mix to make a scrappy wall hanging.

Picture 5: A mixture of colors
 Or perhaps all of one color to make several mug rugs. Or maybe mix them up and make scrappy mug rugs. 😊
Picture 6: Blues, yellows, purples, greens

Picture 7: Reds
Squares:  From the bigger pieces, I made 1" squares and they are all nicely arranged by color in a craft box.

Picture 8: 1 inch squares arranged in craft box

I've put some of the one inch squares together into six inch blocks, but  I'll hold off for a while and think of something more creative.  Perhaps an Irish Chain with all neutrals surrounding the colors.  I have a lot of bigger neutral scraps.  The scrap box  (Picture 2) shown above is only one of many. 

Picture 9: Various squares put together into 6 inch blocks
But yea!, I'm free of those tiny scraps. 😄  I feel way better.  They have been hanging around in my sewing room taking up space forever.  When I finally make something from them, I'll feel better still.

Until next time.

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  1. I'm impressed - and motivated now to do something with my tiny scraps! I'd be tempted to try something along the lines of what you're doing, pairing them up with a neutral I could print - but I'd probably cut the scraps down to size following the lines of the printed shapes and then sew, using just the side with the Inklingo printed shape. I'm so spoiled by Inklingo that I know I'd be going through all sorts of ideas trying to do something like that! I love your idea for the scrappy Irish Chain - that will be fabulous!


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