Friday, June 23, 2017

Half Square Triangles in Red and Beige

For the past several weeks, I've been playing with my scraps.  I stamped some scraps

Stamped 1 inch 1/2 square triangle from tiny scraps
..and when I had larger scrap pieces

Box of larger scrap pieces
I printed more half square triangles with Inklingo.

Larger scraps printed with Inklingo 
I joined red half square triangles with the neutral to make one inch squares
Half square triangles sewn into 1 inch squares

I eventually put together 264 half square triangles into 132 squares.  I added a border and appliqued on the border with more scrapes.  And here she is.  My mini quilt.

Half Square Triangles in Red and Beige
The mini measures 14"x 15".  The little quilt looks a bit wonky in the photo, but that's because of my picture taking skills with my iphone. ( I can't seem to hold it at the right angle.)šŸ˜ I still have 4 more color ways of hst's to play with and hundreds of 1" squares to work with.. but I'm using up my scraps.  šŸ˜ Yea


  1. Sandy that is totally adorable! I found the site where the stamps are sold in America, but shipping was more than the stamp, so trying to find something in UK, as I love this idea. Your little quilt is very pretty, I love minis and especially how you did the borders- nice work!

    1. Thank you Kath. I love doing small quilts.

      I know there is someone in Denmark I think that makes stamps but can't remember who. I hope you find someone closer to home.


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