Sunday, July 13, 2014


Finally after almost 2 decades of starts and stops, I am ready to do my Dear Jane.  ....and I'm pining for Inklingo.  I'm still using my computer to help me along, but if I only had Inklingo, this would go so much faster. Alas no Inklingo.  With the help of EQ7, I print templates on freezer paper, cut the templates out, attach the freezer paper templates to my fabric of choice, draw my lines, cut out my pieces, and stitch together.  Now all this prep work takes a long time.  Hand stitching the block together, less than an hour.  That's why I wish wish wish for an Inklingo Jane!

 The plan is to do a rainbow Jane..

My Project Jane from EQ7

Here are the blocks so far...but this will be a long time coming at the rate the prep work for each block takes me.




  1. What a blessing it would be if we could Inklingo Dear Jane. I have the software from EQ and have started the layout but it is a lot a work with templates and just not ready to tackle it yet.

    1. Oh yes Cynthia it would be such a blessing.

  2. I remember printing the templates for my Qulted Diamonds quilt on freezer paper, cutting them out, ironing them to fabric and tracing. It was a huge amount of work! I can't even imagine doing that now - we are so spoiled with Inklingo!
    You are dedicated to be taking this on!

    1. Cathi, it is indeed such a job. ...but I remain least for now. I love hand piecing, but the prep work...not so much. Inklingo allows us to get right to the piecing.


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