Monday, July 21, 2014


I keep working and tweaking my Dear Jane blocks.  I think this is the right time for me and Jane.  If I had tried these blocks back in the 90's when I first began to piece, I would have tried to machine piece and not done them as well.   I did try a few back then, but they didn't come out like they were meant to.

With EQ I've been able to print out the blocks for hand piecing.

In EQ7,  I print the paper templates.  I can do a template for each piece of the block by making each piece a group in a foundation pattern.  (If you are acquainted with EQ you bring up your block from the sketchbook, call up print, then click on foundation pattern.)  You can also make the size of the seam allowance for each piece the size you want.  In this block, I left the size  1/4 inch.  In more complicated blocks,  like A-9, I dropped the size of the margin down to .15 inch around each piece to allow for less bulk.  I then organize the pieces on one or two pages and print the pieces on the back of freezer paper.  The pieces are then cut out leaving only the seam allowance.  These pieces are ironed on to the wrong side of the color of choice.  I pencil in the sew line, pull off the freezer paper and save the little templates for future blocks and Dear Janes I may want to make.

I have finished additional blocks in the first row (A-5 through A-10).  The pieces for the remainder of Row A are readied for hand piecing.




  1. your blocks are all so nice and neat - I hand pieced both of mine but I must say I wasn't always pleased with the appearance of the blocks - I wasn't as neat as I could have been- but I'm not doing one more :) LOL two is enough for me.

    1. Karen, You hand pieced two Janes! I'm very impressed. I'd love to see them. I've been keeping my templates in case I do another. :)

  2. My piecing skills leave a little something to be desired ... I've heard that hand piecing makes it a little easier to be more accurate. Your pieces are certainly very, very accurate ... I think I need to do some hand piecing. ;-)

    1. Kathy, I could never get accuracy with these little blocks on a machine. Never. ...and I would be totally frustrated. I love hand piecing.


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