Thursday, July 10, 2014


Tumbling Star Quilt Top 

..Made using Inklingo Star Points 1 inch/2 inch, 1 inch Hexagons, and 2  inch Diamonds. 

This morning, I sat in the back sun room with windows open and a light breeze blowing.  I decided to use this time to finish piecing the center of my Tumbling Stars.  It was early.  I sat in the rising sun for a while.  The house was quiet.  It was still cool.  The air smelled wonderful.    A very nice time indeed to sit and hand stitch my tumbling stars scrap quilt.  So I made my coffee (a morning ritual of grinding my beans purchased from Bea at the local farmers market and pouring boiling water over the ground beans...a great cup of coffee) and sat in my favorite sun room chair..dogs of course had to follow me.

Augie wants to help
Dudley watching
GG Marie wondering what I'm doing.

A Favorite  Spot
Back in March of this year, I started out with Tumbling Blocks made from scraps, 

But didn't like the plain block arrangement.  I came across the Texas Star with Linda Franz' Inklingo so I decided to put this in between the blocks.   My first attempt at tumbling stars had like colored tumblers arranged around colored star blocks.  Actually, this was nice but I kept playing.

Like color tumblers around stars

My hubby suggested varying the colors around the stars.  So I put together some neutral stars and then varied the colors.  
I liked it but maybe it would look better with all the tumblers oriented with one value on top, so I put the light diamond on the top.  This morning I finally finished  the center of the quilt top.  I tend to get distracted so this process took me about 4 months.

So here it is as of this morning.  

Texas Tumbler with Light Diamonds on topside.

I think my next step will be to continue to put neutral stars all around and square it.  ...and I really need to start quilting these tops that I am making, but as I said...I get distracted.  


  1. Your tumbling stars are stunning. And oh, how I get the distracted part - it is so easy to get led down other paths and play with designing other quilts.

  2. Love, love, love this! Oh how I love this!


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